During the warm up for the World Championships in freediving in Limassol, Cyprus danish freediver Stig Pryds set a new world record for wearing rockmerchandise at the greatest depth ever. Stig has sensationally overcome disabling arthritis through freediving and is, after only two years since discovering the weigthlessnes and pressure to ease his pain, currently preparing for competing at the World Championships.

The Stig is a longtime fan of Danish rockband Heavy Duty, who keeps the rockflame alive by covering the greatest rockclassics from the likes of Kiss, Van Halen and Judas Priest at any given opportunity. The band helped Stig facilitating a sponsorship from the CEO of danish company DAN-MO Fairwind, Glenn Turn whom the band met through a mutual love of rockmusic at Sweden Rock Festival. Of course Stig brought his Heavy Duty fan t-shirt to Cyprus along with his DAN-MO Fairwind t-shirts, and the idea of a world record arose. In one of the official disciplines for the championships FIM (free immersion), where you pull yourself down a rope Stig put on his favourite rock merchandise from Heavy Duty and descended to the obvious depth of 66 meters and pulled himself back up on one single breath of air. You can watch footage of the dive here and you can check out Heavy Duty here. Right now everybody is holding their breaths (!) for the actual championships to begin on monday, and Heavy Duty is gearing up for what they are hoping to be in many respects a celebration of metal when The Stig returns to Denmark – and preferably gold. Guessing that Holy Diver will be on the setlist.